Increase the safety of your clients and relieve your caregivers at the same time.

Livy Care - The smart supervisor with high data protection

The Livy sensor station keeps a protective eye on your clients at all times. Thanks to the intelligent sensors, dangers in a patient's room are passively detected and your caregivers are immediately notified.

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Detection of different risks in the client's room:


Out of room


Helpcall detection

Save walking time. Reduce staff workload.

Current walking route of the night shift
Optimized walking routes with Livy Care

How will your staff be notified?

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App icon

Smartphone or tablet app

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Desktop PC

"In an emergency, I want to be able to react quickly."

With the app, staff are notified in
seconds about falls, calls for help and leaving the rooms - and can thus react immediately.

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Fall detection

Be on the spot as soon as a client falls.

Limited mobility, a slowed reaction time or reduced eyesight: all of these can lead to an increased risk of falls. Especially at night, falls often go unnoticed and people in need of assistance have to hold out longer. The precise fall detection of Livy Alive reliably registers every fall and informs your caregivers immediately.

Livy CARE_Illustrationen_Sturzerkennung im Pflegeheim für die Sturzprophylaxe

The person falls in their room. The Livy Sensor Station detects the fall.

Livy CARE_Illustrationen_Sturzerkennung im Pflegeheim für die Sturzprophylaxe  Handy Alarm

An alarm notification is immediately sent to the nursing staff.

Livy CARE_Illustrationen_Sturzerkennung im Pflegeheim für die Sturzprophylaxe , sofortige Hilfe durch Pflegepersonal

The caregiver can come to help immediately.

Out of bed detection

Fewer accidents among clients with increased risk of falling

With increasing age, with certain physical limitations or through various medications, the risk of falling increases. Prevent possible accidents before the danger really arises. 
Livy Care informs you as soon as clients with increased risks leave their bed at night. In this way, caregivers can provide preventive support. In addition, you can use Livy's integrated night light to prevent falls at night.


The person sits at the edge of the bed or leaves the bed. Livy optionally switches on the integrated night light.

Livy CARE_Illustrationen_Bett Verlassen Erkennung Handy Alarm

The nursing staff is informed immediately or only if the person does not return after x minutes.

Livy CARE_Illustrationen_Bett Verlassen Erkennung Hilfe durch Pflegepersonal

A nurse can go into the room as a precaution and be on hand to provide support.

Out of room detection

More freedom and security for people with wandering tendencies

Wandering tendencies increase as dementia progresses and thus represent a safety risk for those affected. Prevent possible accidents before the danger really arises. 
Livy as a runaway protection system informs you as soon as clients leave the room at night.

 Livy CARE_Illustrationen_ Raum verlassen Erkennung bei Hinlauftendenzen Weglaufschutzsystems bei Demenz

The person leaves the room. 

 Livy CARE_Illustrationen_ Raum verlassen Erkennung bei Hinlauftendenzen Weglaufschutzsystems bei Demenz Handy Alarm

The nursing staff receives an alarm.

 Livy CARE_Illustrationen_ Raum verlassen Erkennung bei Hinlauftendenzen Weglaufschutzsystems bei Demenz, sofortige Hilfe durch Pflegepersonal

A caregiver is alerted and can make their way to the person.

Helpcall detection

Triggering a call for help without an emergency button 

After a fall or in certain emergency situations, it can be difficult or impossible for the person concerned to trigger an emergency button on the bed or wrist to call for help. The sensor station responds to the person's calls for help and immediately triggers an alarm to your caregivers.

Livy CARE_Illustrationen_Hilferuferkennung

The person is calling for help.

Livy CARE_Illustrationen_Hilferuferkennung Handybenachrichtigung

Livy recognizes the call for help and immediately triggers an alarm to your caregivers.

Livy CARE_Illustrationen_Hilferuferkennung Hilfe durch Pflegepersonal

A nurse can go into the room as a precaution to see what's going on.

Interphone function

Talking to people in the room like with an intercom system

The call system has been triggered, but you can't be there immediately? With Livy Care, you can switch directly to the respective client room and communicate with people in the room just like with an intercom system.

230419_CARE_Illustrationen_lila_background_Gegensprech Kopie 2

The call system is triggered.


Livy detects the trigger and informs your caregivers immediately.


A caregiver can talk to the person in the room via Livy and determine what the person needs, thus ranking the urgency.

Air quality 

Detect strong air value changes in the client room

Whether it's poor air quality from cigarette smoke, excessive heat in the room, or air that's too cold, unfavorable air levels can harm your clients and cause discomfort. Livy measures air values in real time and alerts you as soon as the air values in the room fluctuate too much.


A forgotten open window causes the temperature in the room to drop sharply.


Livy detects when a certain time window is exceeded or the temperature falls below a threshold.


The caregiver is alerted by Livy and can come to close the window.

So können Sie Livy in Ihrer Einrichtung einsetzen

Die Livy Care App für eine sofortige Nutzung auf dem Smartphone, Tablet oder der Smartwatch

Steuern Sie die verschiedenen Funktionen individuell auf die Bedürfnisse Ihrer Klient:innen angepasst via Livy Care App. Die App informiert Sie in Echtzeit über ungewöhnliche Ereignisse oder Gefahren. Über die App können Sie Pflegekräfte hinzufügen, Einstellungen vornehmen und die einzelnen Funktionen anwählen. 


Livy Care ermöglicht eine Integration in Ihre bestehende Rufanlage 

Verbinden Sie Livy Care mit Ihrer bestehenden Rufanlage und ermöglichen Sie so einfachste Kommunikation mit Ihren Klient:innen via Gegensprechanlage. 


Integrieren Sie Livy Care in Ihre Pflegedokumentation

Livy Care ermöglicht Ihnen die einfach Integration in Ihr Pflegesystem (z.B. ...........) 

Banner Livy Alive Sensortstation Präsentation

The privacy of your employees and clients is always protected.

ICON_TLS Verschlüsselung Daten Livy Alive und Livy Care


All data is transferred via secure encryption technology (TLS).

ICON_Lokale Datenverarbeitung bei Livy Care und Livy Alive Sensortstation

Local data

Detections are processed locally on the device and are not evaluated in a cloud.

ICON_dsgvo konforme Datenverarbeitung bei Livy Care und Livy Alive Sensorstation

Server in

For proper use, necessary data is processed on servers in Germany.

ICON_keine Videoaufnahmen bei Livy Care und Livy Alive Sensortstation

No video recording

For fall detection, as well as for the leave bed/leave room functions, we use only abstracted images without saving the images.


No storage of personal data

Only data that is necessary for the proper use of the functions and for registration is stored. Personal data of staff and clients are therefore not stored.

ICON_Backup bei Internet und Stromausfall

 No internet or power failure

Livy is equipped with an LTE and a battery backup. This guarantees Livy's security functions even in the event of an Internet or power failure.

Efficient and ready for use at any time

Icon, einfache Montage und Installation von Livy Care Sensorstation

Assembly without skilled personnel

Livy Alive is delivered to you ready to use and requires nothing more than power and a Wi-Fi connection. You can easily mount the station on the wall. You do not need to hire expensive installers.

Keine Wartungen nötig bei Livy Sensortstation

No maintenance required

Regular software updates guarantee proper functioning, as well as maximum security of your data. This eliminates the need for regular maintenance.

regelmäßige automatische Updates Livy Care und Livy Alive Sensorstation


Thanks to automatic updates, new functions and services can be added to your Livy devices at any time.

Livy Care enables your caregivers to:

ICON_Steigerung Pflegequaliteaet

Efficient route planning

Your caregivers always know who needs help at any given moment and can prioritize their assignments according to urgency.

ICON_Sturzprävention mit Livy Care


Thanks to the early alerting by Livy Care, the consequences of accidents can be reduced and in some cases even prevented altogether.

ICON_Steigerung der Pflegequalität mit Livy Care

More quality
of care

Livy takes over the qualitative monitoring of the client's rooms, and your caregivers gain more time for other nursing activities.