Data privacy with Livy Care

Our data protection for your security transparent, simple and quickly explained.

State-of-the-art technology meets the highest data protection standards

To simultaneously ensure improved quality of care, increased safety and well-being for your residents, Livy Care offers sensor-based detection with maximum data protection. Our solution combines state-of-the-art standards and innovative technologies. The privacy of your staff and clients is guaranteed at all times with Livy Care. We rely on DSGVO-compliant data processing with servers in Germany.


Our privacy promise

We at HUM Systems take the protection of your personal data very seriously and assure that we will always treat it confidentially and in accordance with the applicable data protection laws.
We are always available to answer your questions and concerns about our data protection.



All data and communication is transmitted using secure TLS encryption technology.

data processing

The detections are largely processed locally on the Livy sensor station and not evaluated in an external cloud. This keeps sensitive data in a secure environment.


Servers in 

Data necessary for proper use and registration are processed on servers in Germany.


No video

For various detections such as fall, leaving bed/room or inactivity, we use only abstracted images without saving the recordings to maintain the privacy of your caregivers and clients.


No storage of
personal data

Only data that is necessary for the proper use of the functions and for registration is stored. Personal data of staff and clients are therefore not stored.


Internet & electricity backup

Livy is equipped with an LTE and a battery backup. This guarantees Livy Care's security functions and data protection standards even in the event of an Internet or power failure.

Your most important questions about data protection
answered briefly:

Are your care givers
being monitored?

Livy Care cannot be used to monitor personnel. The use of Livy Care complies with the DSGVO and the requirements of DSG-EKD and KDG. This means that the personal rights and privacy of your employees and clients are protected at all times.

Is the camera permanently switched on?

No, the camera is off in standby mode. The camera is only activated when motion is detected by the radar. Image recognition software then evaluates the situation and forwards a message in the event of an alarm. The functions must be activated for this. The functions can be activated or deactivated per client room, as well as before and after the start of a shift.

How is the camera image

The video data collected on the station are abstracted and do not allow a real image of people with an inference to the person themselves. Thanks to the abstraction of the video images, the privacy rights of staff and clients are protected at all times. The data is only stored for the duration of the processing and then deleted.

230113_CARE_Blog_Anonymisierte Bildverarbeitung Sturzerkennug

Anonymized image processing at
Livy Care

Fall detection is an essential technology-enabled care solution to prevent patients from the severe consequences of falls and to provide rapid assistance. With Livy Care, fall detection is 100% anonymous. This means that the data protection and privacy of your caregivers and clients is protected at all times.

Does Livy Care monitor your staff?

We want you to feel safe - at all times. That's why we pay attention to your privacy at Livy Care. So let us answer the most important questions regarding the Livy Sensor Station video camera.

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Which system should you rely on for fall detection?

Camera or radar? Which system achieves more efficient fall detection for your nursing home and how can the systems be reconciled with the issue of data protection? We clarify.

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