Is the bell mat still up to date?

Bell mats have long been in use by care facilities and have proven to be an extremely helpful tool to ensure the safety of people at risk of falling and those with dementia. In the meantime, the challenges in care have clearly intensified and the bell mat shows its weaknesses in daily use.

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"During daytime usage, the mat triggers false alarms."

"Our clients actually never fall on the mat. "

"My client always pushes the mat under the bed!"

"I think the mat is humbling."

Which requirements should be placed on a modern fall detection system?

Reliable fall detection throughout the client room
No stigmatization of clients by noticeable installations
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Relieving the workload of nursing staff, especially on night shift
New technologies enable reliable and qualitative fall detection

The classic tools used in care are already complemented by a wide range of modern technologies that enable the qualitative monitoring of people in need of care, while at the same time providing meaningful and sustainable relief for caregivers. Sensitive sensors, artificial intelligence and the latest communication channels create precise fall detection that is tailored to the needs of patients and caregivers.

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Discover the intelligent fall detection of Livy Care

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The Livy Care sensor station with AI for state-of-the-art fall detection

Livy Care as an AI-based fall detection offers you precise detection throughout the room and alerts your caregivers immediately after a fall. It detects falls of any kind, completely independent of the person's position in the room.

Livy Care in comparison with bell mats

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