The fall is the second most common cause of accidental deaths

According to the WHO, falls are considered the second leading cause of accidental death. This means that almost 385,000 thousand people worldwide die every year as a result of a fall. Most of these involve people over the age of 60. This puts falls directly behind the number one cause: traffic accidents.


Falls are the second leading cause of accidental death right after traffic accidents.


Most of these accident victims are over the age of 60. 



Smart technologies are rarely installed in nursing homes or made mandatory by law.


Traffic accidents are the leading cause of accidental death in the world (WHO)

According to a WHO estimate, around 1.35 million people die each year from the serious consequences of a traffic accident. This makes traffic accidents the number one cause of accidental death. Despite this, the number of traffic victims has been declining sharply for years, as has the number of people seriously injured. In addition to legal requirements, such as maximum speeds, mandatory seat belts and child seats, improved vehicle technology also plays a major role.

The automotive industry responded with precise sensors for more safety

The automotive industry has acted to reduce road fatalities in recent decades, experiencing a revolution through digital technologies. With the introduction of airbags, blind spot sensors and automatic lane and brake assist systems, road safety has been significantly improved. Such safety systems are now even enshrined in law and must therefore be installed as standard in new vehicles.



The airbag protects passengers from serious injury in the event of a collision. So far, however, there is no mandatory requirement for it in Germany. It is a voluntary installation by car manufacturers.


Blind spot sensor

The assistants detect objects in the blind spot and warn when turning, if necessary. The turn assistants have been mandatory for new vehicle types since 2022 and for all new vehicles from 2024.


Drive assistance

Die Spur- und Bremsassistenten sind seit 2022 in allen Neuwagen Pflicht und sollen die Sicherheit erhöhen, in dem sie beim Verlassen der Spur oder bei Bremsvorgängen unterstützen. 


What can nursing take over from the automotive industry?

Innovative assistance systems also have the potential
Innovative assistance systems have the potential to prevent accidents and significantly mitigate their consequences. The use of intelligent technologies in combination with the qualitative work of nursing staff can significantly increase safety for those in need of care. 

Technical progress in care has so far only been regulated by law step by step, such as the introduction of the telematics infrastructure. However, this can significantly improve the quality of care and efficiently relieve staff.

New technologies for care

Künstliche Intelligenz Illustration

Artificial intelligence

Smarte Sensoren Illustration

Smart sensors

Sprachassistenz Illustration


The Livy Care sensor station with AI as a future-oriented safety system in nursing care.

Livy Care as an AI-based sensor station optimizes your fall prevention and detects other potential hazards. Your caregivers are notified immediately when events occur and can take preventive action to prevent falls and mitigate serious consequences.

So können Sie Livy in Ihrer Einrichtung einsetzen

Die Livy Care App für eine sofortige Nutzung auf dem Smartphone, Tablet oder der Smartwatch

Steuern Sie die verschiedenen Funktionen individuell auf die Bedürfnisse Ihrer Klient:innen angepasst via Livy Care App. Die App informiert Sie in Echtzeit über ungewöhnliche Ereignisse oder Gefahren. Über die App können Sie Pflegekräfte hinzufügen, Einstellungen vornehmen und die einzelnen Funktionen anwählen. 


Livy Care ermöglicht eine Integration in Ihre bestehende Rufanlage 

Verbinden Sie Livy Care mit Ihrer bestehenden Rufanlage und ermöglichen Sie so einfachste Kommunikation mit Ihren Klient:innen via Gegensprechanlage. 


Integrieren Sie Livy Care in Ihre Pflegedokumentation

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